From May 2 to 5/2024 in Plaza Mayor, Medellin – Col.

Business Visitor

For a better experience in business management and purchases, we make the following recommendations to visitors who attend the 2 Wheels Fair solely for business purposes:

  • Enter only the day designated for business and press. This will allow you to find a calmer environment conducive to conducting business. The invitation for these dates can be managed with a supplier or ally who is an exhibitor.
  • Get a VIP rosette. This will give you the convenience of entering the event as many times as you like, including Business and Press day. In addition, you will save time by having preferential entry without lines, among other benefits.
  • Sign up for the Business Roundtable. In this way, you will be able to access the agenda and offer of the exhibitors linked to this activity.
  • Stay in the recommended hotels for the organization of the Fair. These, in addition to offering you a preferential price, are located close to the event center and provide advice for your travel.
  • For your comfort and safety, use the luggage storage services offered by the organization of the event.