From May 2 to 5/2024 in Plaza Mayor, Medellin – Col.


I Protect myself I'm Safe Campaign

"I protect myself, I go safe"

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, the Fair 2 WheelsEvery year, it promotes campaigns with which it seeks to raise awareness of self-care among motorcycle drivers and, thus, improve their safety conditions on the roads.

We address a topic that is of special care for the protection of motorcyclists, such as the use of the correct clothing consisting of: regulatory helmet, reflective vest or jacket, gloves, boots, among other elements that help prevent injuries and even deaths. for the lack of any of these.

Having approved protective equipment such as a helmet, reflective jacket or vest, gloves, pants, boots, and others helps to greatly reduce injuries, disabilities, and/or deaths due to severe accidents and impacts to the head and vital organs. , as well as fractures, scrapes and burns to the skin and muscles.

The campaign will have a program with various activities at different times of the 2 Wheels Fair, in which spaces for reflection on the use of protection elements will be generated.

Wear certified helmets properly decreases the risk and severity of trauma by 72% and probability of death in 39%.

World Health Organization (WHO)

"With the right clothing I take care of myself, I protect my life and that of those who accompany me"

Help us spread the campaign with the Hashtag #MeProtejoVoySeguro