From May 2 to 5/2024 in Plaza Mayor, Medellin – Col.

Guest Questions

When and where is the Fair?

The XV version of the 2 Wheels Fair will be held from May 4 to 7, 2023 in Plaza Mayor Medellín (Colombia)

How do I enter the Fair?

Attendees at the 2 Wheels Fair have three entry options. They are:

  • VIP cockade: This allows unlimited entry, during the four days, in addition to other benefits. More info.
  • General public ticket office: This ticket allows a single entry to the Fair, be it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Business invitation: This ticket is exclusively for businessmen attending the Fair and is provided by the exhibitors. It allows a single entrance to the Fair, be it on Thursday or Friday.
  • There are other accreditations that are exclusive for exhibitors, assembly personnel and special guests.
How much does the general admission cost?

For the XV version of the 2 Wheels Fair, the price of the general ticket office will be COP $40.000 + platform surcharge.

What days can you enter with general admission?

The general ticket only applies for one (1) entry on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If the visitor leaves the premises he must purchase a new general ticket.

Is there a presale for the general ticket office?

The pre-sale of the general ticket will be available. In the next few days the purchase process will be reported.

Can I enter the Fair for free?

With the purpose of uniting the whole family around the 2 Wheel Fair, Prisma Gestión Empresarial, organizer of the event, has applied a benefit for children and the elderly.

Children with a height not exceeding 1.20 meters, and people over 65 years of age will have free access on days of the general public.

It is necessary to indicate that children must be in the company of a responsible adult.

I want to exhibit my motorcycle, what should I do?

For your motorcycle to be part of the great exhibition of Expomoto F2R, it is necessary to send the contact information, photographs and characteristics of the motorcycle to the email [email protected]

Please note that this is a selection process. For logistical reasons, a careful selection of the models to be exhibited must be made.

I want to buy souvenirs from the Fair

Through the Instagram profile @ShopF2R You can get to know the products of the 2 Wheels Fair.

During the four days of the Fair, the F2R Store will have a space (White Pavilion, stand 121), where you can see the full range of products from the Fair.