From May 2 to 5/2024 in Plaza Mayor, Medellin – Col.

Questions Biker Clubs

How can a Biker Club participate in the 2 Wheels Fair?

Biker clubs are welcome at the Fair. To participate in a special event for clubs, the president or representative of the Club must submit a request to the email [email protected]

This request is reviewed by the organization of the Fair and, via email, will notify the approval or rejection of the same.

What benefits does the 2 Wheels Fair offer for motorcycle clubs?
  • Discount of $10.000 COP on the purchase of general tickets (for Friday, Saturday or Sunday) – Limited quantities
  • Participate in the National Symposium of Biker Clubs. This event offers certificate of attendance.
  • Those who register for the Symposium will be able to enjoy the F2R from 10:00 am.
  • After the Symposium, attendees will be able to enjoy a Fair concert.
How much is the entrance fee for Club members?

The Fair organization has confirmed a $10.000 COP discount on general admission for members of a Biker Club.

It is important to clarify that this discount only applies to those clubs that have formally requested it and that the organization of the 2 Wheels Fair has explicitly confirmed the acceptance of the request.